Royal BC Museum | Canadian West Coast Cultural Experiences

Looking to escape the winter in Ottawa for a rainy but warmer West Coast experience? The Royal BC Museum in Victoria BC is just one of many interesting cultural attractions and experiences you can have on Vancouver Island. Founded in 1886, the Royal British Columbia Museum consists of The Province of British Columbia's natural and human history museum as well as the British Columbia Provincial Archives.

The world premiere of the Maya: The Great Jaguar Rises exhibition was so informative and beautiful, the exhibition highlights Maya civilization past and present. I asked the staff how all of the artifacts arrived on Vancouver Island from Guatemala, they said by ship, I can only imagine the insurance on that trip!

The exhibition boasts the world’s largest and most impressive display of Maya objects from Guatemala, and features more than 300 precious jade, ceramic, gold, stone and textile artifacts reflecting classic and contemporary Maya culture.This exhibition coincides with UNESCO’s Year of Indigenous Languages and highlights the 30 Maya languages that are still spoken today by almost half the population of Guatemala.

There is also so much more to see such as the amazing permanent collections, I especially loved the Haida Gwaii art and totems.

Hopefully, we are able to come to our senses as a society to ensure that the future generations do not have to view our amazing West Coast rain forest bears & animals stuffed in museums as only a relic of what once was.

The Maya exhibit will be ending on December 31st which will be followed by yet another amazing well curated exhibition that will hopefully soon be underway.

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