The Other Side of The World | Interview With Hiroki Inokuchi Japanese Visual Artist

Recently I was in Japan representing Canada as a delegate for the G20 YEA in Fukuoka. I decided to mix business with art as per usual and researched some interesting artists and studios prior to my departure from Vancouver. Hiroki Inokuchi was one of the artists that stood out to me and my main motivation is always to seek out likeminded artists around the world to share my platforms through mutual collaboration.

That is not as easy and euphoric as it may sound, many artists have so much ego that they are not capable of sharing the spotlight or to collaborate and support another artist, this is not the case with Hiroki.

The best artists know that jealousy and blocking others gets them nowhere, the best artists exhibit the characteristics that create true unity and amazing art because they realize it takes many hands on a project to see the vision unfold, that is unless you are painting alone in your studio but even then a good artist knows when it is time to hide and when it is time to circulate.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to collaborate on a small project with Hiroki and his team, it showed me that these were the kind of people I was seeking who had open minds and hearts for collaboration and were at the place in their craft where they were willing to be open to me and my crew.

A freehand ink painting I did in Hiroki's Office in Fukuoka in the MOCAP suit.

Ten Minute Painting I did in the MontBlanc Office

The Nucleus Project

That said, I wanted to share this short interview with Hiroki Inokuchi so you can get to know him as well as his work a bit better, he is a very talented artist and a pleasure to communicate with, read more below!

Ottawa Arts News - "At what point did you decide to become an artist? Were you born an artist? Was there anyone in your family who is also an artist?"

Hiroki - "When I was a high school student I realized I was an artist, at the age of 16. My uncle is a craftsman of making Japanese paper so I grew up around creativity"


Ottawa Arts News - "Where did you grow up?"

Hiroki - "I was born in Miyazaki and I was raised in Kumamoto"


Ottawa Arts News - "What is your primary artistic medium?"

Hiroki - "Video, sometimes I use mixed media like video projection, LED light, etc"


Ottawa Arts News - "In Japanese culture is it a reputable career to be an artist? How does Japanese culture view art?"

Hiroki - "Being an artist is not a reputable career in Japan. An artist’s position in Japanese society is low compared to other countries.The work is very unstable"


Ottawa Arts News - "Where did you go to school or train for your art career?"

Hiroki - "Kyushu University School of Design & Kyushu University Graduate School of Design"


Ottawa Arts News - "Who are your artistic influences?"

Hiroki - "Oskar Fischinger, Michel Gondry, Takashi Ito, Toshio Iwai, Ryoji Ikeda & Mat Pyke"


Ottawa Arts News - "Do you have a creative ritual?"

Hiroki - "A glass of beer"


Ottawa Arts News - "What goals do you have right now as an artist and how can others support you?"

Hiroki - "I want to keep seeking a new style of expression.I want to get a lot of inspiration from others"


Ottawa Arts News - "Any exciting independent projects you have been working on that you would like to share?"

Hiroki - "Pitapat-interactive installation, the average experience time is about 10 minutes and the target age is 3 to 8 year olds"


Ottawa Arts News - "What was the most difficult experience you have faced as an artist and how did you overcome this challenge?"

Hiroki - "I tried to create new experiences combining video projection and new media such as kinetic LED and mirror balls.I used a process of trial and error over and over again, it was very frustrating but after several attempts it worked out"


Ottawa Arts News - "Any tips or advice for our readers?"

Hiroki - "You should do only what you really want to do. This is the key to life to do what you really want to do and nothing else".

Written By Founding Editor Steph Limage Follow her on Instagram @Limagemedia

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