From Turtle Island to Gaza | New Work From Poet David Groulx

Palestinians have been advocating for decades for the return of land that was occupied by Israel in the late 1960s. However, in Canada, a land that has been occupied for hundreds of years, discussions of returning land are at taking place in conversations at the periphery—the idea deemed radical and impractical. David Groulx, an Anishinaabe and French-Canadian poet from Vanier, Ontario, draws a powerful comparison between Indigenous Peoples in settler Canada and the people of Palestine in his new collection of poetry, From Turtle Island to Gaza.

Poetry’s unique capacity for distilling emotion makes it an effective vehicle for engaging in political conversations. By connecting Palestinian and Indigenous experiences, Groulx’s poetry exposes the limits of Canada’s thinking around decolonization and reconciliation. Groulx’s poems are thoughtful and vivid and offer an essential perspective. From Turtle Island to Gaza will be released at the end of April (National Poetry Month, as it happens) and will be launched in Ottawa.

For more information or to obtain an advance copy please call or email Karyn Wisselink 780-497-3408 |