Interview With Comedian & Actress Larke Miller | Female February

OAN - What got you into Comedy? How old were you when you started?

LM - "I started off in show business as an actress in my teens in Vancouver. I excelled in comedy and wound up pursuing Improv Comedy at the Groundlings in Los Angeles, which led to an interest in stand-up comedy. The first time I tried stand-up, I was in my early twenties"


OAN - Is it true your family is from Nazareth? Can you share a Nazareth fun fact?

LM - "My mother was born and raised in Nazareth & I was born in Vancouver. We belong to a small Christian community who have been living in the area continuously for thousands of years. We descend from the first followers of Jesus. My mother tells me the local Christians visits Mount Precipice annually in February, to mark the day our ancestors tried to kill Jesus by pushing him off the mountain (Luke 4.29). There is folklore that our men (even in this generation) are cursed because of our ancestors actions"


OAN - When was there a time you totally bombed while you were doing a bit and how did you recover from it? Can you describe the experience?

LM - "It’s normal for new material to be met with silence. It’s best to stick something new in between tried and true material, so you can recover easily. It’s harder to recover if you start off your set on the wrong foot.

OAN - Who are your major comedy inspirations? How have they influenced you?

LM - "I admire comedians, like Steve Martin, who create in more than one medium. I recently wrote, produced and directed my first short film - PLUTO"


OAN - Have you ever performed in Ottawa before? If not would you be interested in doing so?

LM - "I’ve performed in Ontario, but not Ottawa. I would definitely love to!"


OAN - Do you think it is difficult for female comics? What has your experience been? Have things changed much over the years?

LM - "Being a woman in this industry has been a huge burden for me personally. I’ve been barred from performing in a number of venues for rejecting the advances of men. I’ve also been bullied by female club and festival bookers and ganged up on by female comics. Women are getting better about celebrating one another. But unfortunately some women view the success of other women as their failure. Things have gotten better over the years, but I don’t know if the industry has improved or if I just started getting treated better as I progressed"


OAN - How do you think Comedy Clubs could be more welcoming or inviting to female comics?

LM - "A lot of clubs are building the audience for female comics by putting on Women’s Shows. I know women who’ve gone to clubs once or twice and don’t go back because the line-ups were entirely male and felt that the humour catered to male audiences"


OAN - Where can people find your work?

LM - "I’m in a couple of films which will be released in the coming months. PLUTO a short SciFi RomCom which I wrote and directed. And ALL JOKING ASIDE, a film about an aspiring stand-up comedian, from producer Jon Ornoy and director Shannon Kohli"

To check out Larke's shows/appearances visit her website

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