Filmmaker Captures The Lost Memories of Canadian WWII Veterans

Eric Brunt, a filmmaker from BC will be making a stop in Ottawa tomorrow on his quest to capture the stories of Canadian WWII Veterans for his documentary film "Last Ones Standing".

Eric majored in Film Production at the University of British Columbia, where he graduated in 2016. During his university education, his Grandfather, a WWII veteran, passed away. Having failed to record any of the stories he told Eric growing up, he made it a goal of his to interview other remaining Second World War veterans.

Eric has been driving across Canada since May 2017. So far 250 men and women have sat in front of his camera. His youngest interview has been 92 years old and his oldest has been 105.

The footage will be used to create a feature documentary titled "Last Ones Standing."

Official Trailer Below

The idea behind the film is to tell the amazing personal stories of the men and women that served in WWII, in their own words. Time is running out to record their remarkable tales and anecdotes - and to provide the rest of us with a never before seen personal glimpse into life in wartime.

Currently he is still interviewing veterans in Ontario, and will travel all the way to St. John’s Newfoundland.

Behind the scenes images during production, curtsey of Eric Brunt.

The project has been completely self-funded to date, however Eric started a GoFundMe page in November to support with costs.

He is hoping to reach his goal of $12,000 on his GoFundMe which can be found here:

Another way people can support the project is to "like" his facebook page or "follow" his instagram page, where he posts updates every week on some of the stories he is uncovering: and