Landscape Workshop in Watercolours | Wallack's Art Supplies


Tue, 7 August 2018

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Wallack's Art Supplies

231 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON K2P 1W9


Learn how to paint realistic grasses, clouds, rocks, fields, and believable leafy deciduous trees through trade secret effects: splattering, spongework, layering, masking... make natural colours through specific colour recipes. Note that this is an intensive skill building workshop - we will not be re-creating a photo or painting.

Bring your own supplies : (Discount on supplies once registered)

1. PAPER: 4 sheets 11” x 14” 140lb Cold Press 100% Artist quality rag paper ie: Arches .
One large 22” x 30” sheet cut into quarters is great too. (this yields 4, 11” x 15” sheets)
2. A few scrap test strips of watercolour paper



• Small 1” fan brush (synthetic/ taklon / nylon or sable blend is fine NOT hogs hair)
• 1” Flat brush
• #3 Round, #8 Round (bring more if you have them)
• #1 OR #2 liner or rigger
• Support board for the paper (like masonite, gatorboard or plexi) to accommodate your
9x12 paper
• 1” masking tape
• 2H pencil plus sharpener & eraser
• palette with AMPLE mixing space with the following colours already squeezed out in the
• You’ll want a palette that has at least enough mixing room for 6 large pools of paint, so
feel free to bring margarine lids or whatever to supplement.
• Paper towel
• Box is tissue
• landscape & nature classes only: Small, fluffy Natural sea sponge (the more scraggly
and “irregular” the better…)

PAINT: TUBE Colours needed IT IS IMPORTANT to have these already squeezed out into your palette wells. Not during valuable class time:

1. Gamboge or Cadmium Yellow medium
2. Hansa Yellow or Lemon Yellow
3. Hookers Green Dark (viridian will be fine)
4. Sap Green
5. Violet (like dioxazine or winsor violet * must be more grape not too pink)
6. Ultramarine Blue
7. Burnt Umber
8. Burnt Sienna
9. Raw Sienna
10. Perm Red
11. Alizarin Crimson
12. Permanent Rose
13. Prussian Blue


Tickets $120.00 -





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