Making Money as an Artist - Roundtable

Wednesday, May 30 at 6 PM - 8 PM

Wallack's Art Supplies

231 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1W9

Join the Young Arts Leaders Collective and AOE Arts Council | Conseil des arts AOE for the first event in our summer career development series! Come to this round table event to listen to established professionals talk about: Making Money as an Artist. Making money is something that many artists struggle with, this panel will discuss different ways to make revenue, as every artist finds something different that works for them. Speakers are Patti Normand, JustJamaal ThePoet, and Claudia Salguero Art. Patti Normand is an artist based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She works in both sculpture and photography, meticulously building dioramas which are then the subject matter of the photos. The dioramas are built in miniature scale, while the photos are large format. Patti has had a diverse career, pursuing both her personal work, as well as working professionally in museums doing exhibit work. She has created many dioramas and other visual props for some of Canada's National Museums, notably the Children's Museum at the Canadian Museum of History. Claudia Salguero is a professional graphic designer, photographer, digital and traditional media artist, with extensive experience in facilitating art -based workshops. Claudia is known for creating powerful, empowering and self-esteem building design projects for children, youth and adults in at-risk communities. Some of her clients include: OCH, OCISO, Operation-Come-Home, Ottawa Public Library, Carlington-Arts-Initiative and various Community Resource/Health Centres. Jamaal Jackson Rogers; stage name Just Jamaal the Poet, is an award winning Poet Laureate, arts educator, social engagement officer, and recording/performance artist. In the last 6 years he has brought his work to audiences nationally and abroad, his defining moments are when he makes intimate connections with his participants during workshops and performance sets. His topics range from emotional maturity to world issues, from parenting to the human condition. He is a father of five and resides in Ottawa, Canada, using the capital and his performance studio, THE ORIGIN ARTS & COMMUNITY CENTRE as his launch pad to teach, mentor and advocate for the arts.