Art Show, Emerging Visual Artist - ROXANNE DECELLES

Art Show, Emerging Visual Artist - ROXANNE DECELLES

DESCRIPTION The Art Show is an event that combines every experimental art form such as paintings, dance, poetry, magic, joggling, acrobatics, improv and magic. The Art Show also combines games, group discussions, face paintings and interactions with the paintings.

The point is to immerse yourself as the viewer in an alternative universe where social etiquette is not what it is constructed to be like in actual society. The show is realized to make the audience reflect on their opinions and choices. It is here to brake the superficial views that humans have upon themselves. It is created to provoke and to dare to act in a way that is not "acceptable" according to culture and media. It is made to take away the fear that is ingrained in our minds of not being liked because of being different.

The purpose is to communicate that everything is originally abstract. Every object that has been created in the world before being labelled had once an original appearance, sound and movement that nobody knew. It is only by familiarity and use that people can make sense of the world. It debates if the aesthetic of life might have been created because of survival of species, the climate or any living thing are meant to do. It is questioning the universe's creation. It is arguing that the appearance of reality could have looked a different way and it is constantly changing.

DATE AND TIME Sat, 1 September 2018

6:00 PM – 11:00 PM EDT

10 dollars

LOCATION Art House Cafe

555 Somerset Street West

Ottawa, ON K1R 5K1