Outside Ottawa | Calling Online Contributors + Student Journalists - Vancouver

Passionate about social justice and issues in and around Vancouver? We are looking for passionate vloggers and bloggers to join our online community as a contributors and citizen journalists. We are interested in "community news" from the streets that is impacting those on the margins here in Vancouver. We are passionate about stories that are not given a voice elsewhere. We are interested in what you have to say and how you see the world or issues facing marginalized individuals in your community. We are interested in those seeking to create social change. We provide basic tools to those who are vetted through our portal and enrolled in a broadcasting or journalism course and for those who are not enrolled in a course you are also welcome to join and contribute, there is no fees. We provide letters of recommendation with the possibility of future contract work for all of our contributors. We are believers in proof of concept, which means we ask you showcase your work and contribute to the online community and in turn you may obtain tools such as video equipment on a loan to be used for field production. We are a PG -13 web environment and safe space. We accept all genders, cultures, races and views. We prefer thematic approaches that have basis and continuity. We have a zero tolerance for any slander or hate speech. We are in BETA mode and looking for solid team members. If you already have a blog and simply want to repost your content you are more than welcome to. Contact us via the Ottawa Arts News for more info and send us off your portfolio and work samples. Please Note **This is not a paid gig.