VIVO MEDIA ARTS Theft Recovery

On Saturday morning, May 13th, VIVO Media Arts Centre was robbed. Thieves broke through the front door and raided the main office and digitization hub of office computers, storage hardware and other equipment. After years of hard work and investment from staff, members, volunteers, and our funders and donors to make the Kaslo space our home and a centre for community activity, we’re disheartened by the material and immaterial costs and the work ahead of us to restore what was lost. Staff and volunteers are working hard to reestablish all data and systems, and to make our space more safe and secure in the future. Some of our operations are limited as a result, and we ask for your patience as we get things back to normal. URGENT NEXT STEPS Every item stolen is critical to our day-to-day operations and must be replaced. We have insurance, but it will not fully cover all our losses. Since the thieves managed to break in despite our perimeter security fence and alarm system, we are immediately upgrading our security measures with the money raised through this campaign. This will include a metal security barrier across the front entrance (exact model not known - we are currently researching our options). HOW YOU CAN HELP For most non-profits, losses like these are devastating. It certainly is for us. We need funds urgently to get back to full capacity and to secure the valuable resource that you have all helped build over the years. Please consider supporting VIVO's emergency appeal! All donations are eligible for charitable tax receipts. VIVO Media Arts Centre is a non-profit artist run centre, supporting a wide range of activity from media arts production, distribution, educational workshops, and public programs. We are also home to The Crista Dahl Media Library and Archive, Western Canada’s largest repository of video art. Our purpose is to make media arts, which can be cost-prohibitive and technically arcane, accessible, affordable, and a means for developing challenging and critical conversations rooted in our local communities. WHAT WE LOST Please keep an eye out for these items.

4 Mac Mini 2.3/2x1GB/500/AP/BT, SN:C07H83SEDJD0; C07H235BDJD0; SN:C07H83UUDJD0; C07H21LRDJD0 Apple G5-1.8G/DP/512DDR333/160/SD/56, SN:XB4081PSQES 12.9 inch IPad Pro 128GB Wifi ML0N2CL/A Various hard drives, including: Seagate 1TB SATA, SNA73-00920 Seagate Barracuda 4TB SATA, SN:135304322303 20 Western Digital Caviar Green TB SATA 32MB, SN:HA612:M811/35676 17900 390 Seagate INT HD 1TB 3.5 SATA, SNA154-81008 First Data VX680 Wi-Fi Terminal, SN321-049-625 Apple Airport Extreme 802.11ac Wireless Base station Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones A digital combination safe