Interview with Ottawa's Emerging Visual Artist Olivia Love Creations

We love showcasing new and emerging talent around the national capital region like Ottawa's Jenn O'Malley AKA Jennifer Olivia Love. Jenn has a unique and detailed style, read more about her below!

OAN - How is your personality reflected in your work?

Jenn- "That's a good question. My personality is reflected in my work through the repetitive flow of color and line layers. I'm an emotional person so when I start doodling on a canvas I usually just focus on one section and just let out all of the emotions. Then I decide the different colors I will be using ( I love blue's and green's). I follow my inner ding and do what feels right, so what you may see may not be what I see and that's alright with me because we're all different but the same. I decided to add some color into a world that seems to have a need for bright and bold things in art and in the world."

OAN - Can you tell us about where you are right now, not just physically but mentally as an artist?

Jenn- "As an artist I am excited to be moving forward and pursuing what comes next.I have no clue what's in store for my creative nature but I look forward to it. I've been pursuing a wall easel so I can stand or lean instead of slouching that turns into a sore back and bad vibes. So as an artist I am thinking about what works for my body and keeping it moving forward with my creations. Being on point both mentally and physically for whatever adventures I may experience."

OAN - Are there particular interior spaces or designers that have influenced you?

Jenn- "The National art museum here in Ottawa. It has the tower made of mostly of glass, it's spectacular! Then I have a passion for Paisley, yes the pattern. Most patterns are bright and passionate, I like that. A huge influence came during my first ever Reiki session when I had the most amazing energy colors floating around me. It was the beginning of my color journey. Happy makes hope and hope makes everyday worth living."

OAN - What do you think are some of the most inspiring things happening at this time for you?

Jenn- "It's beautiful that women and men are starting to see that we need one another. We are humans uniting to making changes in parliament, social causes, cities, countries and the list can go on. It gives me hope that the world's people can choose to believe that personal growth benefits us as a whole."

OAN - How do you overcome creative blocks / bad juju / crappy vibes?

Jenn -"Oh my! More hard questions. I sleep when I have a creative block. I also do dishes and help my friends out with getting things done or I start to learn new things like, beat matching. I like to keep busy."

OAN - Where did you grow up?

Jenn- "I grew up in the suburb of Orleans when it was still farm land. I found out a couple of months ago that the last of the visible farm land on Innes road, sold."

OAN - When did you realise you had a talent and what went down at that moment for you?

Jenn- "I realised I had talent when an old co-worker said that I can make anything beautiful. I know we need to see ourselves as successful in the universe before we actually believe it but I am human and that genuine statement really impacted me. At that moment I was nowhere near to jump in head first. In fact I think I jumped head first about 2 years ago, I promised myself that even though doubt lingers that I would simply brush it off."

OAN - How do you deal with "haters" or those who I would say "love to hate", by that I mean tribes we build as artists on social media and those who follow to silently criticise or possibly see our demise or become dead artistically?

Jenn- "There'll always be someone who just loves to put other people in their place. Why do they exist? This is a learned behaviour and I used to be like that all the time. Something changed within me that makes me want to be super nice or I don't engage unkind souls. Forgive them is what Mother Teresa said to do, so I forgive them."

OAN - Worst experience as an artist to date?

Jenn- "Worst experience would be running out of canvas!"

OAN - Best experience as an artist to date?

Jenn- "Being recognised for my Spoken Word work and being invited to RAW Artists Ottawa!

OAN - Deep thoughts you want to share with us, personal revelations?

Jenn - "Deep personal revelation is that no matter how much your mind can jump to your past, you live in the present and never forget to live for today and laugh. Laugh so much that your stomach and cheeks hurt because it heals a broken heart. Marry the person you love not to complete yourself but to be with the person who makes your stomach and cheeks hurt. Laughter keeps us young and in love."

OAN - How can people meet you and see your work?

Jenn- "I have a facebook page called "Olivia Love Creations@createwithme123" and on Instagram my handle is "Olivia_Love_Creative". Send me a message, call me via Facebook/instagram.

Lets make something beautiful!"