The 2017 Ottawa Children's Festival / May 10-14

The 2017 Ottawa Children's Festival runs from May 10-14 and will feature some of the best performing arts from around the world. The festival will take place at Lebreton Flats Park (select showings at La Nouvelle Scène), and will feature onsite activities for the whole family to enjoy! Let yourself be inspired by this year's featured international presentations. Enjoy crazy acrobatic stunts, playful theatre, unbelievable dance routines, foot tapping/hand clapping music and more! Shows: Ashley MacIsaac (Canada) - Internationally acclaimed Canadian fiddling sensation, Ashley MacIsaac, constantly pushes the boundaries of traditional Celtic music, incorporating rock, pop, and everything imaginable in between to the delight of audiences of all ages. He has also performed at prestigious events such as the opening ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, along with Phillip Glass and The Chieftains. He has made appearances on the Conan O’Brian show, the Today Show, and has been a spotlight at international festivals, theatres and halls all over the world. Help us celebrate Canadian heritage with our own legend. Africa Land Circus (Canada) - The renowned Africa Land Circus brings the wonderfully warm and vibrant culture of Guinea to life through musical expression, rhythm, and crazy acrobatic stunts. Lovely drum beats, feats of athleticism, traditional music and dance – this world-class circus group has it all! Impressively epic, you will be transported by the wonders of West Africa. I on the Sky (Montréal, Canada) - I on the Sky focuses on exile and the hope left by those who disappear and on ghosts haunting us all. It speaks of being open to others and resiliency, an unfathomable ability that allows us to move forward. It deals with life going on. I on the Sky has no spoken lines. It leads audiences into a world of movement, imagery and music, where poetry sways reality. Tetris (Netherlands) - Taking inspiration from the classic 80s game Tetris, this dance quartet delves into how we connect, on both a physical and emotional level. This show explores the concepts of fitting in, working as a team and changing your surroundings to fit your unique shape. While discovering how to change and adapt to the environment Tetris also challenges the definition of dance. Using unbelievable skills of physical dexterity, this show will leave you wondering: how do they do that? Wanted (Italy) - Just like at the movie theatre, this action pack show takes place around a large screen held up by a crane. These acrobats will blow your mind as they swing in the air and perform various physical stunts and visual comedy. Follow the two actors on their cliffhanger adventure. Creating a truly unique piece, the combination of virtual effect and the interactive concept is brilliant. A Heart in Winter (Montréal, Canada) - A spectacular puppet theatre adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “Snow Queen”. Meet Gerda, a brave little girl. Join her as she sets off on a quest to find her lost friend, Kay. This is the classical journey of the warrior that leads inevitably to an encounter at the palace of the Snow Queen. Here she finds her friend but he is under the wicked Queen’s spell: his heart is frozen, his memory lost, his joy an emotion beyond him. In this lovely interpretation of the classic story of good vs evil, and love conquering all, the company relies on media and visual components that are entirely breath-taking and unique. Baking Time (Vancouver, Canada) - The making of bread takes centre stage in this live interactive show. Engage with Bun and Bap, two of the most playful and messy bakers you will ever meet. Prepare yourselves for snowstorms of flour, forests of breadstick trees, jagged mountains of crust, and marvellous characters molded from dough who transform before your eyes as a tantalising aroma fills the room – an actual loaf is baking! All this and more is on the menu, helping to create a delicious performance. Katena Luminarium – Architects of Air (United Kingdom) - Walk into an incredible Luminaria sculpture, and enter a unique world of light and colour. Inspired by Islamic architecture, this giant inflatable structure will astonish you! Through labyrinthine tunnels and cavernous domes, you can wander freely or just lay back and enjoy the ambience of the structure. Enter and be amazed! A glorious feast of colour, shape and light await you. The Man Who Planted Trees (United Kingdom) - A multi-sensory theatrical adaptation of Jean Giono’s environmental classic, this inspirational story of a shepherd who plants an acorn into a wasteland, and ends up with an entire forest will make you dream big. Witness one man’s courage and strength, his determination to transform something damaged into a beautiful landscape. This performance combines animation and puppetry in a unique blend of story-telling that offers insights into one man’s love of the earth! Open your mind and let him guide you through this wild adventure. Waves, all that Glows Sees (Québec, Canada) - A lovely, gentle show of puppetry and magic for the younger set. Step into a new world and imagine. It begins with a smooth, heartwarming melody. Next, you feel a gentle breeze on your cheeks and notice someone playing harmonica. Two artists working together, telling a magical story with the help of various visual objects, effects and music in perfect harmony. -- For more information on showtimes, tickets and performers visit -->