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Four years after forming a culturally diverse reggae, R&B and funk band, creating an up-and-coming leading Canadian indie band, recording and producing their original debut single “Without You” in 2014, and their original full-length debut album “Uncovered” in 2015, Nile Groove proves that it is a contagious groove machine on the airwaves and on the music scene.

Featured as “Artists to Watch” in the 2015 April-June edition of Boston-based Skope Magazine, featured on global satellite radios world-wide including Blast The Radio, Talk 2 Q Radio (USA), WIKI FM (USA), All Unsigned FM (USA), The Ed Tyll Show (USA), Starcom Radio Networks (USA), Jamsphere Radio (USA), Generation Zel! Radio (USA), KISS International 107.7 FM (USA), Bakus Radio (USA), 9Radio (UK), TEE Radio (Philippines), FnF FM (Norway), and featured in numerous interviews and live performances on local and international radio including CBC Radio, CHIN FM, CKCU FM, CHUO FM, and Power of Perception Music – Blog Talk Radio (USA), this accomplished 6-piece Ottawa-based band continue to groove their audiences with their energizing performances, their infectious original music, and their distinguished sound and style.

Influenced by legendary artists while making its own mark with their original music and fresh covers, Nile Groove is one of its kind fusing the genres of soul, jazz, ska, and pop with reggae, funk, and R&B while putting forth their impressive solid bass grooves, dynamic drums, alluring guitar and key melodies, arresting tenor sax lines, and phenomenal female vocals.

Bringing their unique grooves to special events and community events, private functions, and legendary nightlife live music venues including The Blacksheep Inn, Le Petit Chicago, The Rainbow Bistro, Zaphod Beeblebrox, The Mercury Lounge, Mavericks, Irene's Pub, Live On Elgin, The Kinki Lounge, Bassline Station, The Brass Monkey; and performing in top regional festivals including the 2012 Ottawa African Festival, the 2013 Festival of Nations, the 2014 Canadian Tulip Festival, and also headlining the 2015 Warnockstock Music Festival and the 2016 East Feast Festival, Nile Groove is on the rise.

Ready to release their new single “Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad” on January 14th, 2017 and their second studio album set be released in spring 2017, this talented and versatile band continue to lay down its unique roots and quality vibes wherever it goes and shows no limits to what it can do.

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