Booka Shade – MOVEMENTS 10 TOUR

Greenland, evenko et Neon présentent Booka Shade – MOVEMENTS 10 TOUR Web : Tw : + DOORLY Tw:

  • Saturday, December 3 at 9 PM - 1 AM EST

Dec 3 at 9 PM to Dec 4 at 1 AM EST

  • Club Soda

1225 St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2S6

Tous âges Portes : 20h / Show : 21h 30$ + f.s. à l'avance / 32$ + f.s. le jour du show En vente au Club Soda, sur et au 514-286-1010 #1 “A song is never finished.” says Arno Kammermeier. “An album is never finished. An album is only a status quo – it's just the moment you're in, at the moment that you commit it to release. But as soon as it's finished you want it to be something else. The song or album is a constant process.” This is the kind of philosophical perspective that you'll get again and again in conversation with Kammermeier and Walter Merziger, his partner in Booka Shade. But this is no abstract musing: it's a very accurate description of how BS approach their music, and is particularly pertinent on the occasion of the tenth anniversary expanded re-release of their era-defining and career-kickstarting Movements album. This release isn't a nostalgia piece nor any kind of harking back to past glories – it's the next chapter in the constantly evolving life of the album: just another iteration in the growth of a set of songs that have mutated over the years through remixes, DJ sets and most importantly through BS's globally-beloved live shows.