Funky & Talented Jfun Breathes Life Into The Capital City Music Scene

Graceful, kind and humble, those are a few words I can share about this interesting and motivated artist. Jordan AKA Jfun is a vivacious artistic soul breathing life into Ottawa's music scene. The first time I met Jordan he took it upon himself to suddenly be an art broker by setting up a small deal for one of my pieces on the fly during a group show. Later that evening he sat quietly eating Oreos smiled and said "want some?", I filled my pocket with cookies and have not seen him since.

If you go out around town chances are you have been to one of his parties or events. I am not sure when he sleeps or if he is actually a human because he seems to always be gigging or producing an event. He is responsible for producing countless musical performances around the capital, so when you see him, give him an epic high five for that.

Here is a bit about Jfun and how you can connect with him artistically.

OAN - What are your current artistic goals and motivations?

JFun -"Developing more as a musician/event planner and DJ. Right now I am focused on writing music and learning more about music production. I am part of a group

called Potency and we are looking to release our debut EP very shortly. I'm also part of a group called Fire Queen, which is very experimental and involves a lot of improvisation".

OAN - How do current events impact you as an artist?

JFun -"I love seeing different spaces and taking in art that is new to me. A lot of creative people host events in Ottawa so it's great to support the scene and to be surprised. I'm finding a lot of artists in Ottawa are raising the bar and that makes me want to master my craft. It's a really great time for music, art and culture in Ottawa".

OAN - What is your primary artistic discipline and how did that gift manifest?

JFun -"I've always identified as a musician. My primary instruments of choice being the bass guitar and my voice. I really learned a lot about crafting songs and creating stories through music in a band setting. Playing music was born out my love for taking in live, raw music at a young age. Back then it was mainly the punk and hardcore scene that pushed me to spend time writing music and eventually forming bands and playing on stage. I've always been open to new sounds. I was exposed to a lot of different music as a kid and that always stuck with me. I remember hearing the sounds of Sade, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, and Michael Jackson from my mothers record collection while also hearing groups like SWV, New Edition, Aaliyah, NAS and Tupac Shakur from my sisters tape and CD collection. At one point I was convinced I would be a backup dancer...things didn't really go in that direction, but my love for dance music and the energy generated while grooving to funk/house and techno are very much a part of how my DJ set's are created. Recently I've been experimenting with drum machines and synthesizers. As an artist I am always looking for ways to challenge myself so I spend a lot of time jamming/collaborating and getting lost in sound."

OAN - Where can people meet and connect with you around town?

Jfun- "I host events with a collective I am part of called Music.Art.Ppl. So chances are you will see me at one of our parties/jams. I dj on most Friday's at Hub Ottawa from 5-7pm for an event called Wine Down. I also host an early dance party called Morning Jam which happens around town. Outside of that I love Mercury Lounge and am a big supporter of their regular programming. Framework Music always have top notch bookings. Sunday Sessions is by far one the best regular events in the city. I also really love DIY parties that happen in Ottawa/Hull so I try to make it out to them whenever possible."

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