Latina Artist Floods The Capital Region With Fresh Spice - Meet Aymara Alvarado Lang

I think we can all agree that life in the government city for an artist can be rather "grey" at times, not just with the fashion on the street but the vibe in general. When I met Aymara I saw a spicy vibrant life force with a warm heart, just what the Capital City needed and all the way from Mexico City.

I met Aymara at her home in Gatineau Hull Quebec during a funky party she was co-hosting. Shortly after we met, we collaborated at another show and ran into each other out on the scene. I had just arrived in Ottawa a few months earlier from the West Coast and was not feeling like I belonged. There was an evening when I ran into Aymara at SAW and she put me at ease, that's just the kind of person she is. I am thrilled to share about this artist on a deeper level with you and hope you can cross paths with her at some point. Aymara is multidisciplinary like many of us artists, she is gifted in music as well as the visual arts but also thrives in a live performance setting which is evident in the photography included below.

Read on to get to know this fun loving vibrant soul.

Ottawa Arts News - What are your current artistic goals and motivations?

Aymara - "My goals right now are to create as much as possible, music, paintings, performances and to get to know more artists to collaborate with. My motivation is searching to present myself more often, I feel nourished when I do a show, I give all my feelings that come from my guts to get connected with the people".

Ottawa Arts News - How do current events impact you as an artist?

Aymara - "It depends, if it's related to art I will be inspired and more impulsive, if its about the environment I will want to make something for mother nature".

Ottawa Arts News - What is your primary artistic discipline and how did that gift manifest?

Aymara - "When I was a teenager my primary discipline was painting, my spiritual world, I see my paintings as a window. These days I am more on the music side where I feel like a vessel, the vibe of something bigger than me, something that I can not see, but I can hear it and is magical".

Ottawa Arts News - Where can people meet and connect with you around town?

Aymara - "Mostly at the studio that I share with other artists at le Temporaire in Hull, but I am pretty open person so I can meet and connect with people at parties, concerts or a vernissage. If i feel some sparkle between the person and me, I connect and make good friends just like I met you during a party at my place".

Ottawa Arts News - Where is your family from and how did you end up involved in the art scene?

Aymara - "My family is from Mexico City and I got involved in the art scene because I was lucky to grow up in an artistic family.I have always been around different mediums of art, my Grandfather was a teacher of National School of Fine Art the San Carlos National Academy,my Grandmother was restorer of murals for years, my is dad a respected rock star, my mom also a restorer of murals as well as a music lover and a great dancer, so for me it is very natural to connect with other artists".

Ottawa Arts News - What is your impression of Canadian art and artists in general, be honest?

Aymara - "My true impression is that Canadian art is very alive, experimental and fun! I have been going to the shows of local artists and they are amazing people, very open, and welcoming, it is a big family here in Hull and Ottawa because is not that big, you know? I came from one of the biggest cities in the world, so for me is easy to see the difference between them, and they help each other here, we play together and they are so talented! I am learning so much".

Ottawa Arts News - How do you balance motherhood and your artistic practice?

Aymara - "It wasn't easy at the beginning, sometimes I was feeling guilty, but when I realized that taking care of my art is nourishing for me as a mother, I got rid of that, and I just organized myself through the week, trying to be half the time with my son and half time with my art, and when I organize well is very easy and complete".

Ottawa Arts News - Do you have any advice for emerging artists, something to share from your heart?

Aymara - "Create the most possibilities you can, meeting other artists, sharing and see lot's of what is happening right now on the art scene".

You can catch Aymara and her band on October 27th at "Fête des Morts Dìa de Muertos" located at Le Temporaire,75 rue St-Rédempteur, Gatineau, Québec J8X 2G3.