The Cardboard Artist With a Cause - Meet Ottawa Based Artist Richard Silva

This summer I had the privilege of meeting "The Cardboard Artist" Richard Silva at his 40th Birthday Party held in Gatineau Hull, Quebec. Richard had transformed a friends garage into a gallery space showcasing his illuminated cardboard masterpieces and neatly placed ferns. I knew then he was a diamond in the ruff and there was more to this "unicorn" than met the eye. That being said after personally working with Richard via a collaborative show in Ottawa through Triple7 and Music Art Ppl I am pleased to share his art and a bit of his history with you as well as a cause he is currently championing.

The Artwork of Richard Silva (Miami Girls Series).

Ottawa Arts News - What kind of art do you produce Richard?

Richard - "I mostly produce portraits using acrylic paint and other drawing mediums like pastel".

Ottawa Arts News - What is your inspiration?

Richard - "The single greatest source of inspiration to me is early 20th century art; but I'm inspired by everything from primitive art to contemporary and local artists".

Ottawa Arts News - Where did you grow up and how did you end up in Ottawa?

Richard - "I grew up in Lima, Peru and moved to Ottawa with my family for my father's work when I was nine".

Ottawa Arts News - At what age did you start producing art and what was the first piece?

Richard - "I started drawing at age 31 and my first sketch was a detail from a Diego Rivera mural".

Ottawa Arts News - Where can people see your art now and purchase it?

Richard - "My latest art is posted to my social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and can be purchased at local art shows and events in Ottawa a few times a year. I can also be contacted directly for commissioned work".

Ottawa Arts News - I am really sorry to hear you have some recent illness in your family but understand you have created a fundraiser for your family member? Can you share more about this and some of what is going on and how can others in the community can support you?

Richard - "My brother James was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He is currently undergoing treatments, some of which are expensive and experimental. As OHIP cannot cover all of his medical costs, I have created a Go Fund Me campaign on James' behalf. Any donors who contribute $100 or more to my brother's cause will receive an original artwork from my "Miami Girls" series. We encourage the public to share the campaign on social media to help James and our family as much as possible".

Link to GO FUND ME Campaign to support Richard's Brother James -

Contact Artist Richard Silva:

Contact info: Email: Facebook: Instagram: richardsilvartist Twitter: @photoshow76