QUEERS & BEERS [ Glitter Hoppy Edition ]

THURSDAY AUGUST 18th 2016 Q613 presents.. as part of the Still Queer Series QUEERS & BEERS [ Glitter Hoppy Edition ] We be rollin' on back over to the Three Brewers! W/ DJ JFUN ON DECK! https://soundcloud.com/jfun-1 YES! We are throwing a bit of a dance party in hurrrr! Doors @ 5:00 pm! $4 Suggested Donation! nobody turned away! First & Foremost: We would like to acknowledge and honour that all of the work we do is currently being done on unceded Algonquin Territory that was never given up and never surrendered. presented by Queering613 #queering613 A New Kind of Monthly! Do you love craft beer but not down with the sexist & heteronormative culture that often comes with it? Do you like getting together with your community & meeting new friends? Are you tired of the club scene & want to have interesting conversation & try new things? Yes, yes and yes! So let’s get together and explore the craft brew scene here in Ottcity & create a safer space for queer & trans pub lovers! How We Roll! We pick a brewery each month. We show up, we drink, we snack, sometimes we will play games, we will get our growlers & pitchers filled & we will have FUN! Most importantly we will leave GLITTER bomb trails wherever we go! Come with friends, come alone, come with a date, end up on a date, make new pals, talk to those you know, talk to those you don’t know but have always wanted to, or hey even keep to yourself, because it’s all good & do what makes you feel most comfortable! [This is an open-event so feel free to invite your pals!] o All genders & sexualities are welcome! o The goal is to provide a fun & safer environment for enjoying craft beers & chatting with pals! o Shout out to Queers & Beers IX Vancity for the inspiration! o We will try to prioritize visiting spaces that are accessible! o Feedback, thoughts, suggestions are welcome! You can shoot us a message anytime! dillon: hai@queering613.ca DOORS @5pm, but feel free to pop by when you can! Three Brewers 240 Sparks Street Hangouts start at 5PM on the 2nd Floor! Price Range: Moderate +++++ +++++ Queering613 www.queering613.ca (thank you for sharing your space!) Three Brewers facebook.com/threebrewers +++++ +++++ Accessibility Note: The Three Brewers IS AN ACESSIBLE venue with accessible washrooms and a lift to the second floor, hurray! Queering613 continue's to strive to find accessible venues in our city / advocate for more accessible spaces (physically, emotionally, financially, etc.) * We charging a $4 cover fee as a fundraiser for the THIO Fund but nobody will be turned away! This is a Liberation Space: o We build community, we amplify & we pushback o We are working towards inclusivity o We are working towards being critical & self reflexive o We are working towards self-determination & not just safety o We work to deconstruct systems of oppression & violence o We support people's choices & recognize these choices in contexts of constraint Queering613 collectively strives to create spaces that are free of as many barriers as possible as means to working towards liberation. This means that we are all responsible for creating the spaces we desire, by educating ourselves, each other and ensuring that we are continually engaging in these conversations and creating relationships of support and collective responsibility. While we recognize that no space is exclusively “safe” for anyone, we must collectively work towards mitigating harms. In response to certain experiences that have happened within our spaces, we have decided to remix ground rules to apply to a specific situation in which groups of people come together to make t Queering613 works towards recognizing dynamics of power and privilege that exist within society and which have historically oppressed our communities. We believe that these same dynamics and tensions exist within our own communities and we are working continuously towards addressing these tensions and creating supportive spaces. People participating in our events and dance parties are asked to be aware of their language and behaviour and to think about whether these may be harming others. Our spaces are not spaces for explicit or implicit violence, racism, sexism, ageism, transphobia, cissexism, sizeism, fatphobia, sexual harassment, and gender policing, or doing anything to another person without their consent. Acting in a way that disrespects, harms others or undermines these values will not be tolerated. Queering613 reserves the right to assess & manage circumstances and situations in the best interest of our collective vision towards creating ‘liberation’ spaces.