★ Media City Film Festival is MOVING to NOVEMBER 2018★

★ NEW DATES ★ 23rd MEDIA CITY FILM FESTIVAL: November 7-10, 20I8
★ NEW ENTRY DEADLINE: July 13, 20I8. 
★ GUIDELINES in English, Français, Español, 日本語: ★ 

***VFP Vidéos de femmes dans le parc 2018*** 
27e édition | 27th edition

(English below)

Le GIV est à la recherche de bandes vidéo récentes (2016-2018) d’une durée maximale de 8 minutes.

VFP est l'occasion de découvrir des œuvres vidéographiques récentes, faites par...

ART TELEVISION is a Canadian created three part educational documentary TV series that features artists and movements from around the world! Our first episode will be dropping in March 2018.

Art Television is a division of Limage Media Group and was created by Visual Ar...


Synopsis - "Follow filmmaker Steph Limage as she enters into the world of Argentinian Visual Artist and Print Maker Ro Barragan. Ro is a professor at the National University of La Plata and was mentored by Juan Carlos Romero a famous Argentinian Print Maker and Visual...

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